Alan McIntyre

Close-Up Magic

Close Up Magic

Why hire a close-up magician for your party?

Alan performs in a style of magic known as Close-Up or Walk Around magic. This is magic which is performed before people, with much of the magic happening in the spectators own hands.

Close-Up Magic

There are many advantages to hiring a close-up magician for your party. This type of magic can be performed anywhere at anytime; in front of one person or a small gathering of people, unlike other forms of entertainment e.g. live music or other acts that require a stage, and would demand everyone's attention at the same time. Alan will simply mingle with your guests from group to group, or if you prefer, from table to table without interrupting the proceedings. Magic also helps to create laughter and amazement and is a real conversation starter. This makes this form of entertainment perfect for weddings, Corporate Parties etc. where there are usually lots of people that don't really know each other very well